Teresa's Origami Boxes, Bowls, and Other Containers
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Recently Added Items

Click on any image or link below to see more sets of items from that group and to learn about them.                                        5/23/2024
Truncated Tetrahedral Boxes
[Non-Modular Self-Closing Boxes - Truncated Tetrahedron]
Rabbit Lantern Boxes
[Non-Modular Rabbit Lantern Boxes]
Award-Winning Endo Bowl
[Award-Winning Endo Non-Modular Bowl]
Hanabishi with Double Petals
[Modular Square Boxes - Hanabishi with Double Petals]
Sinayskaya Rose Boxes
[Non-Modular Sinayskaya Rose Boxes]
Holiday Snack Servers
[Partitioned Plates - Holiday Snack Servers]
Tetra Boxes
[Non-Modular Self-ClosingTriangular Boxes]
Party Plates with Liners
[Party Plates with Liners]
Hidakazari Tatos
[Non-Modular Hidakazri Pinwheel Tatos]
New Octagon Boxes
[New Non-Modular Octagon Boxes]
Aadya Star Boxes
[Non-Modular Aadya Star Boxes]
Easy Swan Boxes
[Non-Modular Easy Swan Boxes]
Double Flame Boxes
[Modular Double Flame Pentagonal Boxes]
Blooming Pinwheel Boxes
[Modular Blooming Pinwheel Boxes]
Lotus Cups
[Lotus Cups]
Honeycomb Container/Organizer
[Honeycomb Container/Organizer]


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