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Click on any image or link below to see more sets of items from that group and to learn about them.                                        1/27/2022
Heart-Shaped Boxes
[Modular Heart-Shaped Boxes]
Non-Modular Holiday Hexagons
[Holiday Hexagon Boxes]
Non-Modular Holiday Octagons
[Holiday Nested Octagons]
Kashizara Party Trays
[Kashizara Party Trays]
New Non-Modular Hexagons
[New Non-Modular Hexagonal Boxes]
Modular Valentine Pentagons
[Modular Valentine Pentagons]
Tetra Gift Boxes - Hang Them Up!
[Tetra Gift Boxes - Hang Them Up!]
"Wrapped With a Bow" Gift Bags
[Wrapped With a Bow - Non-Modular Gift Bags]
Puff Star Boxes
[Non-Modular Puff Star Boxes]
Triangular "Pop" Boxes
[Non-Modular Triangular Origami Pop Boxes]
Blaettchen Boxes - "Alissa"
[Non-Modular Self-Closing Cubic Boxes]
Fantaisie Series Boxes
[Non-Modular Fantaisie Boxes]
Hinged Jewelry Boxes
[Non-Modular Hinged Jewelry Boxes]
Modular Flower-Shaped Bowls
[Modular Origami Flower Bowls]
Tsuzura With Butterflies
[Tsuzura With Butterflies]
Kobachi Bowls
[Non-Modular Kobachi Bowls]
Hexagonal Boxes With Fans
{Modular Origami Hexagonal Boxes with Fans]
More Fantaisie Series Boxes
[Non-Modular Fantaisie Boxes]
Non-Modular Treat Sacks
[Non-Modular Treat Sacks]
More New Non-Modular Hexagons
[New Non-Modular Hexagon Gift Boxes]


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