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Boxes Made From Kits: 21

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The boxes shown here were made from kits which included instructions/diagrams and sufficient origami paper for several different shapes/styles of boxes. For some of these, each unit is folded from a square sheet; for others, each unit is folded from a rectangular strip of paper obtained by cutting a square sheet in half.
The KidsToyo Kits, with designs by Yamaguchi Makoto, include paper which has been printed in an unusual manner to create special visual effects. This paper also has cutting and folding lines printed on it. (See samples at right.)
I had fun with these kits, but would not recommend them to absolute beginners -- many of the models were very challenging, even with printed folding lines to help.

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[Boxes Made From Kits] [Boxes Made From Kits] [Boxes Made From Kits]
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