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Non-Modular Rectangles: 25

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[Non-Modular Rectangles]

Several styles of non-mod rectangles are included here. One type has a base made from a single sheet and a lid made from another -- sometimes with a decorative knob or handle, requiring a third sheet. A different type has a hinged lid, with the whole box made from just one sheet of paper -- but an additional sheet used for an inner liner.
Another type of box shown here is lidless with three compartments -- all made from just one sheet. A smaller version can be nested inside a larger one to make a nine-compartment box.
Designers include Tomoko Fuse, Hedi Kyle, Sweet Paper, and Ulla Warchol.

[Non-Modular Rectangles]
[Non-Modular Rectangles] [Non-Modular Rectangles] [Non-Modular Rectangles] [Non-Modular Rectangles]
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