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Non-Modular Cubes
With Stoppers: 39

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[Non-Modular Cubes]

The boxes shown here are Tomoko Fuse's variation on the traditional origami masu box. This design appears in several of her books. Sometimes it is called a Cube Box, sometimes a Dice Package.
This type of box features triangular flaps which are tucked inside or under an attractive fastener, called a stopper, to close the box and lock it shut. Many different styles of stoppers may be used.
A single square sheet of paper is required for the basic box, and a smaller square or rectangle for the stopper. Adding a liner will strengthen and neaten the box.

[Non-Modular Cubes]
[Non-Modular Cubes] [Non-Modular Cubes] [Non-Modular Cubes] [Non-Modular Cubes]
[Non-Modular Cubes]
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