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Non-Modular Cubes: 51

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[Non-Modular Cubes]

Most of the boxes shown on this page were designed by Tomoko Fuse, with a few designed by Jane Rosemarin. For lidded boxes, each lid required one sheet of paper and each base required one sheet of paper.
Jane Rosemarin's boxes are made from square sheets.
Tomoko Fuse specifies A4 size paper for most of her non-mod boxes, but her instructions allow for significant adjustments to the sheet size. I have been able to vary the dimensions even more than what is shown in her books, producing cubic boxes of many different sizes.

[Non-Modular Cubes]
[Non-Modular Cubes] [Non-Modular Cubes] [Non-Modular Cubes] [Non-Modular Cubes]
[Non-Modular Cubes]
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