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Self-Closing Non-Modular Stars: 17

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[Self-Closing Non-Modular Stars]

The self-closing star-shaped boxes on this page do not have a separate lid and base. The whole structure of each box -- both lid and base -- is formed from a single piece of paper. Double-sided paper works best for these models.
Puff Stars (like those at left) require a single hexagonal sheet, while Shuriken Stars (like those at right) are folded from a single square sheet.
Shuriken Stars are closed or opened by tucking in or untucking the tips of four overlapping flaps. Puff Stars are opened and closed with a gentle twisting motion.
The designers featured here are Garibi Ilan and Evi Binzinger.

[Self-Closing Non-Modular Stars]
[Self-Closing Non-Modular Stars]
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