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Self-Closing Non-Modular Stars

Information About This Set of Items

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Side View

Star Diagram

*Note that two size numbers are given.
The larger number is the measurement from the outermost tip of any arm of the star to the outermost tip of the arm opposite.  (Diagram A)
The main body of the star, from which the arms project, has the shape of a hexagon. The smaller number is the measurement from any corner of the hexagon to the opposite corner. (Diagram B)

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Set ID #:5796
Category:Non-Modular -- Small Star-Shaped
Lid Size*: 7.7 cm (3 in) and
5.2 cm (2 in)
Base Size*: 7.7 cm (3 in) and
5.2 cm (2 in)
Box Height: 2.5 cm (1 in) - without Lid decoration
4 cm (1.6 in) - with Lid decoration
Style:Non-Modular Self-Closing Star - Puff Star
Designer:Garibi Ilan
Design Source:Free diagram (PDF) on the Web  >> Click here
YouTube Video  >> Click here
Paper Type: Double-Sided Origami Paper That Came With "The Ultimate Origami Book" (Larousse/Fox Chapel Publishing, 2020)
Sheet Size:17 x 19.6 cm (6.7 x 7.7 in) Hexagon
Cut from a 19.6 cm (7.7 in) Square
Sheets Used:1
Paper Source: Books-a-Million 
Comments:These self-closing star-shaped boxes do not have a separate lid and base. The whole structure of the box -- both lid and base -- is formed from a single hexagonal piece of paper.
Double-sided paper works best for this style, since the reverse side of the paper is revealed both inside the box and also on the top of its exterior.
When made with strong enough paper, this type of box can be opened and closed repeatedly without tearing or collapsing.
The paper used here has traditional Japanese patterns on one side with a solid color on the reverse. It is a bit heavier/stiffer than most origami paper, but still easy to crease neatly and perfect for holding the star shape.
You close this type of box by pushing all of its sides toward the center and overlapping its edges in a counterclockwise twist. You open it by separating the overlapped flaps with a clockwise twist.
For all but two of the boxes shown here, I have omitted Step 11 in Garibi Ilan's instructions while making my Star Puff boxes. The folds in Step 11 lock the box closed more tightly and neatly, but I find it easier to open and reclose the box without those final locking folds.
These cute and clever boxes can be used to present small gifts, or you can fill them with candies to create festive party favors which will intrigue your holiday guests.
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