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Modular Japanese
Lamp-Shaped Boxes: 16

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[Modular Japanese]

These boxes were designed by Tomoko Fuse, who calls them bowls. She provides instructions for a standard size bowl, along with 3 sizes wider/shallower than standard, and 2 sizes narrower/deeper than standard. The graduated sizes, which allow for nesting, are achieved by adjustments during the folding process, not by changing the size of the paper used.
Two bowls become a box when one bowl is covered by an inverted bowl of the next wider size. Tomoko also offers a lid design with a knob. These fragile boxes are not ideal for gift-giving, but they make wonderful holiday/party decorations -- just put a battery-operated tealight inside. (Never use real candles due to fire hazard.)

[Modular Japanese]
[Modular Japanese] [Modular Japanese]
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