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Nested Non-Modular Octagons: 15

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[Nested Non-Modular Octagons]

The non-modular octagons featured on this page were all designed by Tomoko Fuse, with a few variations of my own. Each lid required one sheet of paper and each base required one sheet of paper. A4 paper (210 mm x 297 mm) works best, but it is possible to use rectangular sheets of other dimensions.
Boxes of this type are very challenging to make because of the many precise pre-creases required and the use of a tricky "twist-down" technique. Scoring the pre-creases helps a lot. If you have already mastered Tomoko Fuse's non-modular hexagon boxes, then the octagons will be easier; many of the folds/steps for her octagons are very similar to those for her hexagons.

[Nested Non-Modular Octagons]
[Nested Non-Modular Octagons] [Nested Non-Modular Octagons] [Nested Non-Modular Octagons]
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