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Non-Modular Honeycombs: 2

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This striking container with multiple compartments was designed by Chrissy Pushkin (Paper Kawaii). It is so unusual that I have put it in a category of its own. There's a 6-section version (shown here) and an 8-section version (coming here soon!) Both are demonstrated in video tutorials on Chrissy's web site.
The honeycomb has two types of components: the comb ring, and some hexagon boxes. The ring can be made by folding and joining 2 rectangular sheets of paper or it can be folded from just 1 wider sheet. Each hex box requires 1 sheet.
I have modified Chrissy's model by using a simpler/easier design for the hex boxes. Hers have a cute flower twist inside; mine have a plain interior.

[Non-Modular Honeycombs]
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