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WHAT'S NEW?   December: Craft Fair Fundraisers; January: Beginner Origami Classes
On Sunday, December 18th, Teresa participated in a Christmas Fair at Bell Tower, Fort Myers,
where she offered her origami items as a fundraiser to help people recovering from Hurrican Ian. Click here for more details
Teresa has recently started teaching origami classes at North Port Public Library in North Port, FL.
Click here to learn more or register*
Recently Added Items
Blooming Pinwheel Boxes
[Modular Blooming Pinwheel Boxes]
Double Crane Tatos
[Prism-Shaped Double Crane Tatos]
Shuriken Star Boxes
[Self-Closing Shuriken Star Boxes]
Pleated Hana Bowls
[Pleated Hana Bowls]
Squares & Cubes
Tsuzura - Small Modular Cubes (94)
[Tsuzura - Small Modular Cubic Boxes]
Small Modular Squares (196)
[Small Modular Square Origami Boxes]
Non-Modular Squares (129)
[Non-Modular Square Origami Boxes]
Non-Modular Cubes (51)
[Non-Modular Cubic Origami Boxes]
Non-Modular Hexagons (60)
[Non-Modular Hexagonal Origami Boxes]
Small Modular Hexagons (133)
[Small Modular Hexagonal Origami Boxes]
Non-Modular Octagons (32)
[Non-Modular Octagonal Origami Boxes]
Small Modular Octagons (59)
[Small Modular Octagonal Origami Boxes]
Pentagons & Stars
Triangles & Rectangles
Non-Modular Pentagons (63)
[Non-Modular Pentagonal Origami Boxes]
Non-Modular Stars (32)
[Non-Modular Star-Shaped Origami Boxes]
Modular Triangles (49)
[Modular Triangular Origami Boxes]
Modular Rectangles (16)
[Modular Rectangular Boxes]
Hearts & Flowers
Other Shapes
Non-Modular Hearts (18)
[Non-Modular Heart-Shaped Origami Bowls]
Non-Modular Flowers (53)
[Small Non-Modular Flower-Shaped Bowls]
Non-Modular Honeycombs (2)
[Non-Modular Honeycomb Organizers]
Non-Modular Pinwheel Tatos (6)
[Pinwheel-Shaped Tatos]


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