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Beginners' Origami Class

Learn origami -- and make new friends!
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Starting in 2023, and continuing in 2024, Teresa is teaching an origami class for beginners on the third Saturday of every month at the North Port Public Library in North Port, Florida. Some models folded by her students are shown below. Many thanks to Eva Krik for taking these beautiful photos and giving permission for them to be displayed here.

This is a class designed for beginners, so the teacher assumes that new students have no prior origami knowledge. All lessons are taught with slow step-by-step demonstrations, lots of repetition, and individual help from the teacher for anyone who needs it.


To see the class schedule and learn more or register online, you can access the library's event calendar by going to https://scgovlibrary.librarymarket.com/events/month and selecting North Port Public Library. (Don't forget to click on the "Confirm Selection" button at the bottom of the page.)

Teresa also teaches an origami class for intermediate-level folders at the library. For more information on that class, click here.

Models Folded by Beginner Students in 2023

Sonobe Unit Cubes
[Sonobe Unit Cube]
Design by Mitsunobo Sonobe
Flower-Shaped Boxes
[Flower-Shaped Boxes]
Design by Tomoko Fuse
Transformation Octahedra
[Transformation Octahedra]
Design by Fumiaki Shingu
Sweetheart Wreath
[Sweetheart Wreath]
Design by Noriko Nagata & Keiko Ritsuto
Bunny and Baskets
[Bunny and Baskets]
Basket Design by Margaret Van Sicklen
Bunny Design - Traditional
Sweetheart Wreath
[Sweetheart Wreath]
Design by Noriko Nagata & Keiko Ritsuto

In addition to the models shown above, Teresa's students have also learned to fold: party trays and modular origami gift boxes designed by Tomoko Fuse; flower and star tatos designed by Yoshihide Momotani; a heart corner bookmark based on a design by Francis Ow; non-modular party plates designed by Tomoko Fuse; a non-modular star-shaped box designed by Govind Kulkarni; a partitioned snack server designed by Makoto Yamaguchi; an eight-pointed star designed by Leyla Torres; a traditional crane and a traditional fox.
In the process of creating these models, students have learned how to read origami diagrams and symbols. They have practiced many basic origami techniques such as valley folds, mountain folds, book folds, cupboard folds, pleat folds, squash folds, blintzes and double blintzes. They have learned how to make some of the traditional origami bases such as the waterbomb base and the preliminary (or square) base. They have learned more about the history of origami and they have worked with many different types and sizes of paper.

These talented students have been enjoying the challenge and excitement of creativity, while also enjoying the camaradarie of their fellow classmates. It is wonderful to see how they help and support one another in class -- sharing ideas and friendship in the true spirit of origami.

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