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Modular Triangular Bipryamids

Information About This Set of Items

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Side View

Triangular Bipryamid Diagram

The Triangular Bipyramid is a solid shape with six identical surfaces.
Each surface is an isosceles triangle:
two sides of the triangle are equal, but the third side is different.
The dimensions for a box of this shape are hard to visualize, but the illustration at left may help.

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Set ID #:1467
Category:Modular -- Small Triangular - Bipyramid
Base Size*: 10.8 cm (1.3 in) and
5.4 cm (2.1 in)
Box Height: 7.6 cm (3 in) 
Lid Style:No Lid
Base Style:Modular Triangle - Crane's Egg
Designer:Richard L. Alexander
Design Source:Japanese Paper Crafting by Michael G. LaFosse with Richard L. Alexander and Greg Mudarri (Tuttle Publishing, 2007)  >> Click here
Paper Type: GrimmHobby Double-Sided Ryomen Chiyogami Washi Origami Paper - Seigaiha (23-2197-300)
Folia Double-Sided Origami Paper - Colored Folding Squares (No. 8960)
Sheet Size:15 cm (5 7/8 in) Square
Sheets Used:3
Paper Source: Paper Jade
Hobby Lobby
Comments:These boxes do not have a separate lid and base. Instead, each box is closed by tucking tabs on one unit into pockets on a second unit, then adding a third unit in a similar manner.
Each box may be opened by reversing this process, or by squeezing the box gently at its poles.
Although these boxes are definitely not egg-shaped, their designer has named them Crane's Eggs because of what he has placed inside each box -- a very small origami crane.
If you click on one of the boxes in the photo at left, you will not only see a larger image of that box, but you will also get to see the little crane hidden within it.
Of course, candies or other small items could be stored in these boxes instead of baby cranes -- great for gift-giving or as party favors.
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