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Small Modular Octagons - Some With Butterflies

Information About This Set of Items

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Side View

Octagon Diagram

*Note that two numbers are given for the size of the lid and two for the size of the base.
The larger number is the measurement from a point at any corner to the point at the opposite corner.  (Diagram A)
The smaller number is the measurement from the center of any side to the center of the opposite side. (Diagram B)

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Set ID #:931
Category:Modular -- Small Octagonal
Lid Size*: 13 cm (5 1/8 in) and
14 cm (5 1/2 in)
Base Size*: 12.5 cm (5 in) and
13.7 cm (5 3/8 in)
Box Height: 3.8 cm (1 1/2 in) 
Lid Style:Modular Octagons - Assorted - Including Butterfly-Decorated
Base Style:Modular Octagon - Four Sheet Plain
Designer:Boxes by Tomoko Fuse
Butterfly by Michael LaFosse
Design Source:Lids: Fabulous Origami Boxes by Tomoko Fuse (Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., 1998)
Bases: Origami Boxes by Tomoko Fuse (Chikuma Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd., 1989)  >> Click here
Butterfly: Origami Butterflies by Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander (Tuttle Publishing, 2013)  >> Click here
Paper Type: GrimmHobby Double-Sided Origami Paper - Double Color Wring Patchwork (23-1877)
Sheet Size:15 cm (5 7/8 in) Square
Sheets Used:8 (Lid - 4; Base - 4)
Paper Source: Paper Jade 
Comments:Double-sided paper works best for octagonal boxes. The paper used here was a gift from my friend Marcianna. It has a delightful patchwork quilt print on one side and a complementary solid color on the reverse.
This paper has an embossed texture, a slightly glossy surface, and a nice crispness. It folds easily and neatly. It is perfect for making octagons -- thin enough so that the units assemble without bunching or binding, but strong enough to make a sturdy box.
 This paper also works well for making butterflies, like the one perched on the pink box.
The folding and joining of units for octagon boxes is complex. The octagon base is especially difficult. Of all the modular origami boxes featured on this site, the octagons are probably the most challenging to create.
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