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Nested Modular Squares

Information About This Set of Items

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Side View

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Set ID #:112
Category:Modular -- Assorted Square
Lid Size: Assorted
Base Size: Assorted
Box Height: Assorted
Lid Style:Modular Square - Lightning and Pinwheel
Base Style:Modular Square - Bow Knot
Designer:Tomoko Fuse
Design Source:Origami Boxes by Tomoko Fuse (Chikuma Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd., 1989)  >> Click here
Paper Type: Recollections Scrapbook Paper - Fashionably Chic Pad
Sheet Size:Assorted
Sheets Used:8 (Lid - 4; Base - 4)
Paper Source: Michaels Stores 
Comments:The scrapbook paper used here was bought as a pad of 12 inch square sheets, then cut down as needed in order to make a set of three nested boxes.
Scrapbook paper is a bit harder to work with than regular origami paper because it is heavier and stiffer. However, those qualities result in sturdier boxes which can hold heftier gifts.
The particular sheets used in this set of boxes were chosen because of their Japanese flavor. I really like the combination of lotus blossoms and other flowers with geometric patterns.
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