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Non-Modular Round Bowls

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Set ID #:5921
Category:Non-Modular -- Small Round
Dish Size: Diameter - 11 cm (4.3 in) 
Dish Height: 6.5 cm (2.6 in) 
Style:Non-Modular Round - Pleated Candy Dish
Designer:John Morin
Design Source:Inspired Origami: Projects to Calm the Mind and Soothe the Soul by John Morin and Camilla Sanderson (Running Press, 2016)  >> Click here
Paper Type: Tuttle Publishing Double-Sided Origami Folding Papers - Kimono Patterns - Jumbo Pack
Sheet Size:21 cm (8.3 in) Square
Sheets Used:1
Paper Source: Amazon 
Comments:These pleated bowls look like they would be very complicated to make, but they are actually not too difficult. The challenge, as with all models involving fan-folds, is to crease the pleats as neatly and evenly as possible.
Although they are attractive and intriguing, these containers are not terribly practical because they tend to tip over easily. They are wide at the top but narrow at the bottom, with the whole structure sitting on a very small base.
This tipping problem can be solved by putting something small but heavy in the bottom of the bowl with larger but lighter items placed in the upper part of the bowl -- or you could just enjoy this model as a decorative item rather than a practical one.
Although the pleated bowls shown here were made with double-sided paper, single-sided paper would also work for this model, since the reverse side only shows if you turn the bowl upside down, and even then you will see only a very small amount of the reverse side of the paper.
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