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Non-Modular Birds

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Bird Box Diagram

*Note that two numbers are given for the size of bird-shaped boxes.
The larger number is the measurement from tail to beak; the smaller number is the measurement from wing to wing.

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Set ID #:5821
Category:Non-Modular -- Small Bird-Shaped
Lid Size: No Lid
Base Size*: 10 cm (3.9 in) and
5 cm (2 in)
Box Height: 4.8 cm (1.9 in) 
Style:Non-Modular Bird - Mandarin Bird
Designer:Simon Andersen
Design Source:You Tube Video by Paper Kawaii  >> Click here
Paper Type: Tuttle Publishing Double-Sided High-Quality Origami Paper - Value Pack - Kaleidoscope Patterns
Sheet Size:15.2 cm (6 in) Square
Sheets Used:1
Paper Source: Amazon 
Comments:Double-sided paper works best for these cute little bird-shaped boxes, since so much of the reverse side of the paper is revealed.
Simon Andersen designed this model to be a mostly flat hanging ornament, as you will see in the You Tube video referenced above. After making some of those hanging birds, I started fooling around with one of them and accidentally discovered something nice.
By opening up the bird's body a bit and then flattening out the sink fold hidden inside there, I was able to create a small, three-dimensional box. What fun!
I started making lots of birds with plumage of all different colors. This flock arrived just in time for Easter and it has really brightened up my home.
Filled with small candies, these little bird boxes are perfect as party favors. If you need a pretty box for a bigger gift, you could just make one of these birds from a much larger sheet of paper.
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