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Modular Accordion Boxes

Information About This Set of Items

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Closed Up View

Side View

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Set ID #:1648
Category:Modular -- Assorted Accordion-Shaped
Base Size: Assorted
Box Height: 2 cm (5 in) 
Style:Modular Accordion - 5 Unit, 7 Unit, and 9 Unit Boxes
Designer:Ayako Kawate
Design Source:You Tube Video Tutorial by Leyla Torres  >> Click here
Paper Type: GrimmHobby Double-Sided Origami Paper - Dot Chiyogami Heart 2 (23-2167-300)
Sheet Size:15 cm (5.9 in) Square
Sheets Used:5, 7, or 9
Paper Source: Paper Jade 
Comments:The compartmented boxes shown here can be squeezed shut and pulled open just like an accordion. They are great fun to make and guaranteed to get a big smile from kids of all ages.
Double-sided paper is a must for this project because so much of the reverse side of the paper is visible in the finished model.
I couldn't decide how to categorize the shape of this model. When all the units have been assembled, the overall shape is rectangular, but the individual units, and the compartments they create, are definitely triangular.
Since this model didn't seem to belong with either the rectangles or the triangles, I decided to put it in a special category all of its own.
You can assemble Accordion Boxes from any odd number of units. In this set, the top box was made with 7 units, the middle box with 5 units, and the bottom box with 9 units. You can see a 3 unit Accordion Box elsewhere on this site.
These boxes make great party favors and they are very convenient, since you can flatten them for storage and then pop them open quickly when needed.
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