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Modular Pentagons

Information About This Set of Items

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Side View

Pentagon Diagram

*Note that two numbers are given for the size of the lid and two for the size of the base.
The larger number is the measurement from any corner point to the opposite corner (Diagram A).
The smaller number is the measurement from any corner point to the center of the opposite side (Diagram B).

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Set ID #:1661
Category:Modular -- Small Pentagonal
Lid Size*: 8.6 cm (3.4 in) and
9 cm (3.9 in)
Base Size*: 8.1 cm (3.2 in) and
8.5 cm (3.3 in)
Box Height: 2.7 cm (1.1 in) - without Lid decoration
6.5 cm (2.6 in) - with Lid decoration
Lid Style:Modular Pentagon - Double Flame
Base Style:Modular Pentagon - Flame Box Base
Designer:Dennis Walker
Design Source:PDF Diagrams on Web Site of Origami Societeit Nederland  >> Click here
Paper Type: Tuttle Publishing Double-Sided High-Quality Origami Paper - Value Pack - Cherry Blossoms (4 in)
Sheet Size:10 cm (4 in) Square
Sheets Used:10 (Lid - 5; Base - 5)
Paper Source: Amazon 
Comments:Dennis Walker has designed two related styles of pentagonal boxes: the Open Flame and the Double Flame. The latter is shown here. Both styles use the same base, which Walker indicates may have been his independent discovery of a base previously created by Tomoko Fuse.
The first 12 folding steps are the same when making a unit for either the Open Flame lid or the Double Flame lid, but then the steps vary depending on which version you choose.
The lid unit for the Double Flame box involves a squash-and-curve maneuver which I found rather challenging. I recommend mastering the Open Flame lid first, and then the Double Flame version will be easier. Final assembly of the lid is similar for both versions and not too complicated.
By design, the Double Flame lid has a small pentagonal hole in its center. If you don't like the looks of this hole, you can hide it, as I have done for two of the boxes shown here.
Double-sided paper is a must for this model. I used paper with a floral pattern on one side and a solid color on the reverse. This paper was flexible enough that I could gently curl back the tips of the flames, making them look like flower petals.
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