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Small Modular Squares
Made With Origami Paper

Information About This Set of Items

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Side View


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Set ID #:1433
Category:Modular -- Small Square
Lid Size: 8 cm (3 1/8 in) Square
Base Size: 7.5 cm (3 in) Square
Box Height: Assorted
Style:Modular Squares - Assorted
Designer:Tomoko Fuse
Design Source:Fabulous Origami Boxes by Tomoko Fuse (Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd., 1998)  >> Click here
30 boîte en origami (30 Origami Boxes) by Tomoko Fuse (Les éditions de saxe, 2013) - in French  >> Click here
Paper Type: GrimmHobby Double-Sided Ryomen Chiyogami Origami Paper (28-3764-300 and 28-3765-300)
GrimmHobby Double-Sided Japanese Pattern Chiyogami Origami Paper - Asanoha (23-2183-300) and Seigaiha (23-2184-300)
KidsToyo Double-Sided Chiyogami Origami Paper (018060-1000)
Paper Jade Obonai Feather White Origami Paper
Sheet Size:15 cm (5 7/8 in) Square
Sheets Used:8 or 9
Paper Source: Paper Jade 
Comments:A variety of bright colors and striking patterns have been combined in the boxes shown here, which were made with holiday gift-giving in mind.
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